American Culture

The End-Times Times, Vol. 1, Issue 1

We are building a retirement home in Bloomington, Indiana. David is the foreman. Last week he went coon hunting, for the first time, with the masonry crew.

They pulled up to the property in trucks, and the men started unloaded the dogs from the cages in the back. Dave watched as they attached bulky collars to the dogs and turned them loose. The men then pulled out small electronic gadgets from the pockets of their Carhartts.

“What are those?” Dave asked.

“Why, GPS, of course,” one said. “Here, look at this. They got transmitters on their collars, and we just watch them on the screen. Then when they tree the coon, we go shoot it. The white lines is the dogs, and the green spot is us.” He handed the small screen to Dave.


It is surely the end of times.

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  1. This is “sport”? Oh yeah, brought to you by the same people who want sport redefined as playing cards and driving in circles.