WordsDay Special: A Poem for Tuesday poet for Friday

On several occasions we have pointed you toward the Poem for Tuesday feature at The Agonist. That weekly must-read is presented by Bruce Jacobs, who’s a fantastic poet in his own right. He’s our Poet of the Day at the Samuel Smith Poetry community on Facebook, and I thought I’d take a moment to point S&R lit lovers to his work while I’m at it.

So give “Jeep Cherokee,” his much-lauded rant at the master-of-the-universe affluenza infecting our society, a read. I don’t have a Jeep, but my truck is probably as much an affront to good sense as the Cherokee is, and great art makes us take a hard, uncomfortable look in the mirror sometimes, doesn’t it?

A snip:

This is a car for
a uniformed strongman,
a one-car motorcade
through a thatched village
of strangers.
This is the car that will
replace Prozac.
This is the car that Barbie buys
with mad money
after the date with Angry White Ken.
This the car that makes it safe
to be hateful in public.

You might also give Bruce’s outstanding blog a look when you get a chance. It’s the best new thing I’ve discovered on the Web this week.

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