Education: shifting paradigms

If you haven’t seen this video, which is built around a talk from Sir Ken Robinson, it’s 11:40 well spent. I tend to be skeptical about many approaches to “reforming” education because all too often they’re either about enriching somebody at the expense of student and social well-being or they’re pandering to leveling impulses that are guaranteed to make us less intelligent, not more. Robinson raises some very valid points about the obsolescence of our methods, though.

Also, the illustration is really cool.

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  1. Excellent description of the problem and solution. I have found that in America, trying to fit lateral thinking into your thesis in human performance improvement gets you nutin’ because all of the research by DeBono and his “followers” has been done in Europe and other forward thinking locations. The ability to surpress our kids/ selves through drugs, advertising, cultural conformity in general is why I avoid the advice of the copybook gods.

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