Juan Williams: sniveling coward

I’ll admit it, until this afternoon i had paid exactly zero attention to the Juan Williams “scandal.” I figured that if Palin, Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Gingrich, ad nauseum were making a big deal out of it then it had to be stupid. Then i found myself sitting next to an abandoned copy of USA Today at the Secretary of State’s office. That’s how i found out that my little rule of thumb concerning the Political Reactionary Brigade was, yet again, correct. It doesn’t matter that Williams wasn’t fired for the sanctity of political correctness, but rather because his NPR contract as an analyst forbade him from uttering his personal opinions publicly. I’m sure that those so perturbed by his firing are all strong believers in the sanctity of a contract, just as they’re all firm believers in the First Amendment…except that part about separating church and state or when they disagree with what the speakers say.

What really bothers me is that Williams let loose one more example of my compatriots showing themselves to be sniveling, racist cowards. He “worries” when he gets on an airplane and sees people in clothes that suggest they might be Muslim. Ah yes, because the Muslim family at the airport is almost certainly plotting to blow all the good, God-fearing Americans out of the sky. Really, is there any other reason that a Muslim might travel by air?

I wonder if Williams automatically locks his car doors driving through his childhood neighborhood in Brooklyn? I mean 32.9% of the population is black and we all know that blacks are going to carjack your ass and rob you…right, Juan?

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  1. Why was he being interviewed in the first place? That seems like asking a referee which team is his favorite.

  2. I believe he is a regular at Fox too. According to the story i read, he’d been warned previously about overstepping the limits of his opinionating under contract.

  3. Juan Williams has been a tool of corporate powers for years and so has NPR (National Pentagon Radio).

  4. Hey, i like National Pentagon Radio. I’ll throw that in instead of my usual National Propaganda Radio sometimes.

  5. It’s almost as though Fox News is to the news industry as lobbying firms are to Congress. You put in your time on the public side and then, once you get voted out, you pull the ripcord and parachute down into a pile of money.

  6. On SNL: “You know how much conservatives hate NPR; they’re siding with a black man named Juan.”