The rent is too damned high

Politics sucks because politicians pretty much suck across the board. It’s not just that they all say the same thing in different words, or that when push comes to shove they really don’t care about the people that they supposedly represent, they also end up being a tearfully boring cast of characters. And, no, someone who might have been a witch or prayed to Aqua Buddha while stoned in college does not qualify as interesting. This qualifies as interesting:

h/t to the folks at boingboing

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  1. Is there something we can get this guy and Al Sharpton to debate about? Then let’s stick Sarah Palin between them. I don’t know if we’d settle anything, but I’d pay to watch it.

  2. I think that Sarah would say no based on a discomfort related to being outnumbered by black people, but i’d pay to watch too. I’d also vote for Mr. McMillan based on facial hair alone.

  3. He also earned three bronze stars as a Huey door gunner in the 1st AirCav…not. to. be. fucked. with.

  4. I still remember when rent and housing costs exploded during the Reagan administration. If you were a renter, that feeling of starting off trying to save with a huge disadvantage because such a large portion of your paycheck went to rent. Seemingly a Godsend to homeowners at the time, we all know how that worked out.