Anthropogenic climate disruption: skeptics vs deniers

I’ve been struck repeatedly over the last few years by how fundamentally non-skeptical many self-proclaimed “climate change skeptics” actually are. Skepticism has a definition after all, and while I’ll have more to say on this later, today I want to introduce an analogy that I use to differentiate between a climate disruption skeptic and a climate disruption denier.

Let’s say that the state of modern climate science is like a piece of lacy swiss cheese – filled with small holes, but still pretty solid. There are no major voids in knowledge, although like any other scientific discipline, there are lots of places where we could know more. Continue reading

The rent is too damned high

Politics sucks because politicians pretty much suck across the board. It’s not just that they all say the same thing in different words, or that when push comes to shove they really don’t care about the people that they supposedly represent, they also end up being a tearfully boring cast of characters. And, no, someone who might have been a witch or prayed to Aqua Buddha while stoned in college does not qualify as interesting. This qualifies as interesting:

h/t to the folks at boingboing

TunesDay tribute: General Johnson, RIP

Those of us from the Carolinas know that the term “Beach Music” has nothing to do with The Beach Boys. Instead, it’s an amalgam of old dance R&B (The Drifters, The Tams, Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs, plus some Sam Cooke and a host of Motown artists) and “similar” music produced by contemporary artists such as The Embers, The Catalinas, Dip Ferrell & the TrueTones and The Swinging Medallions. (Here’s one site’s take on the greatest Beach tunes of all time. We might argue some specifics, but it’s not a bad list and will certainly communicate to the novice what the Myrtle Beach sound is all about.) Jangle Pop icon Don Dixon has even recorded an homage to the genre. His latest, Don Dixon Sings the Jeffords Brothers, features songs from the writers behind the TrueTones. Continue reading