Report says pistol shots preceded Kent St. shootings: let's wait and see on this, shall we?

The story: Tape analysis: Pistol shots preceded 1970 Kent St. shooting deaths of 4 students.

Let me be the first to wade in with a caution here.

  1. I need to know a good bit more about the person doing the analysis and
  2. I would be interested in knowing if he’s being compensated.
  3. If so, by whom?
  4. There’s allegedly a 70-second gap? If I think I’m under fire it won’t take me that long to shoot back.
  5. And let’s not forget that in the hearings it became clear that the soldiers fired in the opposite direction of where they said they thought they heard fire.

I’m always for getting all the information possible on a subject, and this is no different. But I’m going to be surprised if this turns out to be anything substantive. Call me paranoid, but you may have noticed that we’re in the middle of a culture war here. There are plenty of folks out there who’d love to “take back” the ’60s, if you hear where I’m going.

Let’s see if FOX “News” jumps on this one. So far their Web site just has the AP story, but we won’t be surprised if this turns into PROOF!!!!! that those dirty hippie scumbastards were up to no good, after all.

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