What's It Wednesday

What's it Wednesday

by Djerrid

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  1. Trust me, it’s not a particle accelerator. First off, those are florescent lights. Second, it’s not continuous. Accelerators need a vacuum to work otherwise the accelerated particles will keep running into air. If this was taken on Earth, I would guess that it was upside down and that it’s the ceiling of a Park-n-Ride bus terminal.

    But, clearly, this wasn’t taken on Earth and I’m beginning to wonder about Djerrid’s intentions. This looks disturbingly like the launch tube on a Havenite attack ship, based off the shoulder of Orion. Probably one of the older DuQuesne-class superdreadnoughts. Judging by the lack of upgrades, I suspect this is a sister ship of one captured in the Third Battle of Yeltsin’s Star and given to the Grayson Space Navy.

    Which begs the question, is the People’s Republic of Haven looking to expand their borders once again?

  2. Ok Ubertramp, that was eerily close to the mark. Those are florescent lights at a park-in-ride taken upside-down. It is from a covered footbridge over a highway between the two sides of a bus stop.

  3. Sam and fikshun got it. Well, part of it anyway. 🙂 And Djerrid, I spent a lot of time waiting for buses when I lived in Boulder. Haha.