Tea Party irony

A liberal friend of mine visited a Tea Party rally in her county over the weekend. She told me that, all in all, the rally wasn’t the collection of right-wing nutjobs (my word, not hers) that the media portrays Tea Party members to be. Instead, the rally she attended was mostly attended by people who seemed afraid of the present and who appeared to want to retreat to some mythical past when things were better and/or simpler. She also said that several speakers at the rally railed against “Liberal Democrat Socialist Progressives.” Which makes the rally’s choice of opening music ironic.

The rally opened with the song “This Land is Your Land” by Woody Guthrie. You know, blacklisted card-carrying Communist Woody Guthrie.

This raises a question for me: were they ignorant of Woody Guthrie’s politics, or did someone subversively sneak in that song? I expect the former, personally, but I’d find the latter a lot more fun.

Image Credit: Lester Balog

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  1. With this crowd, there’s no reason to suspect any motivation more complicated than basic ignorance. This ranks right up there with sports venues that blast gay power anthems “YMCA” and “We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions.”

    • Pretty much. I always laughed when, in college, the drunk homophobic frat boys were the first ones out on the dance floor at the bar when “YMCA” came on. I was out there too, but I knew what I was dancing too – they had no clue.

      Actually, I’m sure the closeted frat boys did, but I have a hard time believing that 90% of the frat boys in the bars I frequented were gay. 😉

  2. BANG BANG BDDDDDDDDDDDRATTATAAAT! ScRRREEEEECH!!!! If you think about the drive by media and the way they would opine about a tea party rally, the story would sound close to this one. Granted that most of the stories depict the picture we have of them in our heads, the partiers are all worried they may get f’ed in the near future for believing b.s. from Washington, wall street, thier boss/ h.r., parents even. The downside of the tea party is the fact they have been co-opted by the MSM, celbri-cons.

  3. Near future? Shit. We’ve all already been fucked for believing b.s. from dan’s listed sources (and more). It ain’t just the tea party. The question is: when you realize that you’re getting bullshit, which way do you turn. That’s where the tea party has gone wrong. Lot’s of pithy slogans, but there appears to be a strong tendency to believe exactly the wrong people in response to realizing that they’re getting a line of bullshit.

    It stems, i believe, from a desire to have America return to a mythical golden age. Today is corrupt and bad, but back then it was good. So anyone who pushes the right buttons gets believed. And then there’s the little issue of being almost completely co-opted by the Koch brothers.

    I’ve always been pissed that “This Land…” got sanitized and adopted by the nation at large. You hear it performed at government celebrations all the time (always without the most important verse), and most Americans would tell you that it’s a patriotic song extolling the wonders of the United States. So i guess that i don’t see much more irony here than 99.9% of the other times i’ve heard the song.

    America hates its long and storied tradition of labor activists, socialists and communists. It’s not just the tea party.