It was a Dark and Sammy night…

Watching the game? Thinking you’d like something tasty and perhaps a little different to drink as the second half unfolds?

I’ve got just the thing.

Meanwhile, something to remember, in the true spirit of sport and fair play: Hate is too precious a commodity to waste on a sports team. Unless it’s the Raiders.

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  1. kind of off the subject. kind of not.

    looks like the good doctor will be appearing in film again next year. HST’s “The Rum Diary” is in post-production. Johnny Depp is playing Paul Kemp (Hunter’s pseudonym for that book).

  2. The Rum Diary was a very very good novel. And the fact that he couldnt get it published until after he became famous for his other work is a real lesson for all of us fiction writers as we struggle with the publishing world. Interestingly enough, I also tried to read another novel on roughly the same topic by some guy who was supposedly huge in the fifities (I’d never heard of him) and it was simply unreadable. The good Doctor may have been a lunatic, but he could write some of the cleanest sentences that ever were put to paper.

    Sigh. Where is Hunter now that we need him? Maybe I will go get drunk now. Forget that, as homage to the doctor I think I will look under the sink to see if we have any drain cleaner. Now, should I snort that or smoke it?