You write the backstory

Apparently Ellen DeGeneres has this feature where people send her horrid photos of themselves – it’s called Bad Paid-For Photos. Great idea and laugh-so-hard-you-cry-on-your-keyboard-while-people-in-surrounding-cubicles-wonder-what’s-going-on funny.

Surely we can squeeze a little mileage out of this compilation of trainwrecks. So we’ll show you a photo, and in the comment box below you provide us with a backstory.

On your mark, get set….

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  1. Why are ugly people allowed to have children?

    (OK, I know this isnt very good,but I am priming the proverbial pump, so to speak.)

  2. When Jamie saw Flashdance, her dream was born. Passion shone through in all that she did, mostly because dance was about all that she did. Her mother told her that she shouldn’t wear her leotard everywhere, but for Jamie there was no question. She was committed. So when Grandma bought a family portrait and individual portraits of the girls at Olan Mills, Jamie insisted that she be photographed in her favorite dance costume. Much to her mother’s chagrin, she was. Jamie believed that one day the photo would appear in her biography, exemplifying her early and wholehearted commitment to dance. In the end, though, she came to the regret that her mother warned about. Her mother, on the other hand, found the photo more and more amusing as years passed, refusing to remove the shot from a prominent place in the home. A string of college boyfriends saw it and said things like, “I didn’t know you were a dancer, Jamie.”

  3. Well, i went back and forth on that for a while and settled on it being a girl…maybe because i couldn’t bring myself to believe that it was a young David Lee Roth. I’m guessing at the historical era, but if i’m right that wouldn’t have been an unusual hair style for girls. The top of the outfit is also a little unusual for male dance wear. (Also, those are either incredibly well developed pectorals for a prepubescent boy or the beginning of breasts and i believe that this picture predates the accumulation of animal growth hormones in the food supply.)

    So my Scientific Wild Ass Guess is girl. If it’s a boy, i’m sticking with the name and switching out all the pronouns.

  4. Charles, Prince of Wales. As with all of the alien lizard people, photos of him are time-slipped.