Waitin' on a train

Finally…the 7:25 under Lyndon.

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  1. Great shots. I never used to pay any attention to trains much, but then I saw The Station Agent. There’s something richly American about trains, I think, something I’m reminded of every time I reflect on writers like Whitman and Hawthorne and the ambivalence of the American Romantics with rail and the onset of industrialism here.

    • Lisa, how did you get the green? Exposure? Time of day in a certain season? Film processing (assuming you use film, which isn’t a good assumption these days)?

  2. Thanks for the kind words all.
    The house that I live in now is the first one that isn’t next to a rail line; the last house I lived in was so close the pictures would fall off the walls if they weren’t anchored down, and someone that stayed over woke up thinking there was an earthquake going on. When I first moved up to the city I would wake up throughout the night because the trains weren’t going through and rocking the house.
    The green is a simple digital trick, a cheating variation of the alt. process prints I would turn out when I worked more often in a wet darkroom; though I regularly achieve similar results with expired ektachrome.