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Rock & Roll Friday! The Birthday Massacre, live in Denver

Finally … The Birthday Massacre … has come back … to Denver. They’re headlining tonight at The Marquis, and here’s hoping some of S&R’s Denver-area friends will join me in a little head-banging. Here’s a preview:

And a little more:

What the hell – it’s Friday, so let’s do one more:

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  1. You should go anyway and stand out side the front door with a sign that reads, “Will do engineering for tickets.” Or flash your climate journalist creds at the bouncer. That could work, too.

  2. Post-show analysis: holy FUCK. I don’t know how the building withstood what the drummer, bassist and sound guy did to it. They probably cracked pavement a block away and no way in hell any moles, gophers or prairie dogs within 10 miles survived. How did they make the sound that HUGE?

    That, folks, was an amazing show.