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What's It Wednesday: now with 100% more what's it

By Ann Ivins

What is happening in this photo?

Fine. Here’s the whole scene and another picture to CONFOUND AND AMAZE you…

How about this one?

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  1. Well, I COULD have said it was a scene out of the Director’s cut from Rosemary’s Baby, but I didn’t think you’d appreciate that. 🙂

  2. Funny how pets will let babies do anything. Our evil kitty that hates all strangers will let Anthony kick her in the side, pull on her ears, and grab fistfuls of fur.

    • I suspect guided evolution – domesticated animals that were too aggressive with small humans were thrown out of the village or killed outright. Wait until Anthony is bigger – he’ll have plenty of “learning experiences” with regard to grabbing tails, sitting on the cat, and discovering that five of a cat’s six ends are pointy.

  3. Yup, finding a good pic is harder than it looks. Welcome aboard! I’ll go for a leather jacket on the next one. Either the end of a sleeve or a collar.

  4. Close, but no cigar.

    Alice would tolerate almost anything that didn’t involve food. Classic beagle.

  5. English riding saddle. Actually, knowing Ann, it’s probably shoes. Commandeered from some fashion slave who was texting in the car in front of her just after driving off the road, through a ditch, and into a Texas Longhorn.

  6. What do you mean? Brian plays baseball on Kufyx. The TI have nothing to do with it…except for a bit of inside betting. And if you think HE has skillz, you should see their daughter. She’s going to have recruiters after her before she gets out of elementary school. From all the rumors I’ve heard going around the league, she can rock the house without even leaving her bedroom.

  7. See comment #10. I DID guess right. She’s just slow. Probably suffering jetlag after getting back from the championships on Kufyx.