What's It Wednesday

What's it Wednesday?

by Djerrid

Here’s something a bit different. The following is a description of the lyrics of a popular song. What’s the title?

In later verses he expresses his exasperation with the entertainment industry’s portrayal of the ideal female form. He soundly rejects the notion promulgated by fashion magazines that diminutive buttocks are more desirable. His critique of the women that appeared in contemporary music videos is particularly scathing, likening their appearance to those of prostitutes. To further illustrate his point, he stipulates the purported ideal proportions of 36-24-36 (measuring the bust, waist, and hip diameter respectively) would only be pleasing on women with a standing height no greater than 63 inches.

If that one is too easy, try this:

The song begins with the singer making contradictory, declarative statements on whether the singer is on good terms with you, the listener. The singer also brings up other friends you may have and that the singer is illuminated. The singer reveals its identity in the chorus as an oddly-colored song bird that resides in a wall socket that overlooks the room that you both are in. This bird proposes that you two should start a monogamous relationship so that it can (metaphorically, of course) take up a new residence within your spirit. The rest of the song entails the bird’s overtures to the listener. This includes boasting about its ancestors that protected the coasts from ships and ships from the coasts and spelling out its name.

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  1. “Birdhouse in Your Soul,” They Might Be Giants. “Blue canary” sticks in my head. Also anything mythological…

  2. They Might Be Giants is cheating? That was awesome, and if Ann hadn’t got it already, I would have had a much better chance of getting the second one than the first.

      • So are They Might Be Giants, which is why they’re so awesome.

        Listen to their “Here Come’s Science” children’s CD sometime – I have most of the songs on my work playlist. It’s one thing to appeal to kids enough to get the kids singing along with the music. It’s something else entirely to appeal to the parents enough to get the parents singing along too and enjoying it.