Journey's End

Well, the advance sales on Tony Blair’s autobiography (A Journey—how’s that for a title?) must not be shaping up the way the publisher had hoped. First, we learned that the publisher was banking on sales in the United States making the whole enterprise profitable—meaning it had pretty much given up any hope of selling many copies here in the UK. Today we learn that there will be a special edition, with its own nifty cover, signed by Blair himself, and slip-cased to boot—all for, as The Guardian politely puts it, “a mere £150.” The publisher, Random House, has not yet indicated how many copies of the ‘Special edition” have been ordered so far. As The Guardian article points out, Amazon has already cut the price. I think I’ll wait for it to show up in my library. Jim Crace provide a pre-review review for those of us who won’t bother to read it. Whether Random House will recoup its £4.6 million investment remains to be seen.