The kid's all right

Like everyone else, I have mixed feelings about the Clintons. The ambition, the self-absorption, the whole lot. I suppose if Hilary were president, things wouldn’t be that different from what they are now, although we would undoubtedly be stuck with the odious Mark Penn. But in one very important respect they shine: Chelsea. She’s a brick. The Clintons seem to have pulled off an astonishing feat—they seem to be great parents. Given the fishbowl existence Chelsea has endured her whole life, she seems to have turned out just fine. From being that geeky kid that Saturday Night Live made fun of, to that picture of the three Clintons walking across the White House lawn after Monicagate, with Chelsea in the middle, holding both her parents’ hands, to becoming a real person of some accomplishment in her own right, this has been some journey. And she’s getting married today, I gather. Good for her. Congratulations all around.

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  1. Yep. I was talking to a co-worker yesterday who’s actually a fairly die-hard Republican, and even HE was saying laudatory things about Chelsea. Maybe it’s as simple as this. Perhaps she got her parents’ capabilities without developing their Shakespearean flaws.

    That’s not bad, because once you get past the rank ambition, the alley cat morals, and the inability to distinguish between Mark Penn and a human being, they’re both impressive people.

    Best wishes, Chelsea.