The letter that Steve Jobs ought to write to Apple customers

Tricky Dick. Slick Willie. Toyota. Now … Apple? What the heck is so hard about the truth, especially when it’s clear that we live in a world where it gets harder and harder to lie and get away with it by the day.

I may have mentioned my friend John Cavanaugh’s biz site, The Tap Tap Tap. John is too busy to blog as much as I’d like, but for fans of quality over quantity it’s one of the best things out there, mainly because while the subjects are ostensibly business, advertising and brand related, he’s really making much broader points that apply to the non-business portions of life.

Today’s post is as great as it ought to be butt-obvious. Steve Jobs, you paying attention?

I guess we’ll call this our Friday Pimp-o-Matic feature, and maybe it should be a regular thing. Regardless, go read what John has to say. Right now.

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