Nota Bene #113: Seth's Near-Death

“Ordinary life is pretty complex stuff.” Who said it? The answer is at the end of this post. Now on to the links! … “Mankind could be on the verge of the ‘biggest agricultural breakthrough in 10,000 years‘” … “How many of your friends that are looking for work have gone to check tomato fields and meat-packing plants?” … “The trial of Hossein Derakhshan, known as the ‘Blogfather’ for helping to popularize blogging in Iran, began on June 23″ … “The man should take the milk, but not directly from the breast of the woman” … “Cable and phone companies had 276 former government officials lobbying for them in the first quarter, including 18 former members of Congress” … “Today you have a chance to know how your best friend was produced” … “They didn’t share everything the Fed knew about the money” … “What Russell Moffatt saw made him question whether he needed to get his eyes tested” … “Maybe I’ve just been there enough times now that it feels quick and awfully predictable” … “I hope you’ll be forgiving when they come crawling back” … “Steve Perkins was left with a bigger black hole in his memory than most” … “We were met by nothing but smiles by the local kids” … “At that moment, I knew I was screwed” … “The level of obsession by media insiders reflects the changing nature of today’s journalism values” … “You feel like your entire torso is suddenly clamped in a vice, like gravity just stepped on you like you are some measly cockroach” … “You’re holding up my benefits because of one red cent?” … “What could possibly prompt parents to dress their little boy up like a prince and shower him with gifts and treats for two weeks” … “Like many judges in the Gulf region, Feldman owns lots of energy stocks, including two of BP’s largest U.S. private shareholders” … “It urged immediate deportation proceedings against the people listed, as well as publication of their names by the news media” … “It used to be cute, now it is outrageous” … “The rich have stopped paying the mortgage at a rate that greatly exceeds the rest of the population” … “I wake up every day sick at heart that we aren’t doing more” … “Here, the school’s only 7-foot-1 history major attends graduation” … “No one ever said it better than Osama bin Laden” … “If you kill me, you’ll have to make me a ghost or something” … “He used to pound his fist on the desk and say, ‘Show me the money!'” … “Egyptians have realized that silence about justice will not protect them from injustice” … “My only intention is to show just how hard reality is” … “Face it, the system is rigged, and it’s rigged against us” … “I was speechless, so I just sat down and watched him play, and the next thing you knew the room had filled up with about 70 people — all completely overwhelmed by his presence” … “It turns out that the president is a square — warmongering in Afghanistan like a military-industrial pig of yore” … “These should bring back some pleasant memories to those who dig sports and grew up reading and collecting issues of Creepy and Eerie” … “I’m a pussycat” … “You must treat a camera like a key, it will unlock many doors for you” … This issue’s quote was from Harvey Pekar … And finally, “This is the surge the world is waiting for.” ∞

2 comments on “Nota Bene #113: Seth's Near-Death

  1. Never knew how Jaco Pastorius created the Bass of Doom before:

    Nicknamed by Pastorius himself, the Bass of Doom was a stock 1962 Fender Jazz Bass, purchased at a pawnshop in the early 1970s. Pastorius originally removed the frets with a butter knife, filling the slots and missing chunks with “plastic wood” and covering the fingerboard with several coats of boat epoxy. This “customized” bass would be the only fretless instrument Pastorius would ever record with.

    Thanks, Mike. That’s priceless. Miss Pastorius a lot.

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