Cleveland: farm team to the world

Well, the “suspense” is over.  LeBron is joining the international party circuit in Miami.

I, for one, am glad it’s over.  I’m not glad LeBron’s leaving, but the hoopla was getting to be a bit much.

For those of you not in Cleveland, you may have missed the Cleveland Orchestra concert on Public Square last Thursday, July 1.  The evening is always capped by fireworks.  Terminal Tower is lighted appropriately.  This year, lighted windows spelling “HOME” became part of the “Keep LeBron” circus.

There was an article sometime within the past month or so (since we lost the playoffs) that made the point that Cleveland just wouldn’t be the same if we won a championship.

Maybe not, but I’d like to find out.

I can’t even begin to name all of the talent that left Cleveland for greener pastures and championship rings:  Manny Ramirez, Jim Thome, Bill Belichick.  I mean that literally.  Several years ago, I started called us “Farm Team to the World.”

Of course, as unlikely as it is, LeBron/Wade/Bosch are taking a big risk:  What if Miami is not the NBA champion team at the end of next season?

What if Cleveland is?  Woohoo!  Ah, yes–hope springs eternal.

I’m not becoming a Miami fan–I didn’t when I lived in south Florida and I sure wouldn’t now (I hope LeBron enjoys the fire ants, toxic toads, and weeding the garden in January, but I doubt he’ll experience any of those).  I didn’t choose a Georgia team when I lived in Atlanta, either.

I can afford to be loyal to Cleveland–I’m a fan, not a player.  It costs me nothing to cheer on my teams unless I go to a game or the Winking Lizard for beer during a game.  My life’s legacy and reputation is not based on the win-loss records of my teams.  I’ve had my heart broken before by my teams–Cavs, Indians, and Browns.  It will happen again.  But it’s OK.  We’re tough here.

By the way, the best sports event associated with the Cleveland Orchestra concert on public square?  In 1997, Eddie Murray was chasing number 3,000.  The orchestra paused between numbers during the concert and the game was broadcast over the sound system–Eddie was up at bat, but no luck.  The concert finished and, at the end of the fireworks, the game was broadcast again:  Eddie hit 3,000.  We went nuts.

Sometimes it’s alright to be a Cleveland fan.

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