Mainstream media joins Climategate whitewash

Brian noted last week that a Penn State investigation had cleared Dr. Michael Mann of any wrongdoing in the “Climategate” noise-up, which involved as-yet-unidentified criminals stealing private property and attempting to turn it into evidence of a vast climate disruption conspiracy on the part of greedy liberal scientists.

Apparently the conspiracy runs deeper than anyone could have imagined. Dozens, if not hundreds of presumably reputable news agencies have now joined in the whitewash. For example, there’s:

One hopes that our vigilant community of skeptics will devote some time to understanding how such a broad body of predominantly corporate interests could have been sucked into this conspiracy. George Soros may have a lot of money, but he doesn’t have that much…

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  1. Isn’t the reason for the defection of “mainstream media” the fact that ALL reporters, editors, researchers, anchors, writers, editorial cartoonists, cameramen, photographers, owners, stockholders, and columnists are part of the vast left-wing conspiracy to foist pseudo-science and propaganda off on the unsuspecting public?

    Things will be much better when China gets its Xinhua news service online and provides us with truly balanced reporting (http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/jul/02/china-english-tv-news-channel-cnc-world).