Capital Ring, done!

So last weekend we finally finished the Capital Ring walk. This is a 75-mile walk around London, in fifteen separate walks, that takes you through a whole raft of neighborhoods, parks, and interesting sites around London. London is such a big city geographically that you tend to forget how large it actually is. But this was a wonderful way to experience how much diversity and geography London actually has. We haven’t actually updated since we finished the halfway point, many months ago, so this seems opportune.

We started about a year ago at Crystal Palace, the southernmost point of the walk, and that’s where we finished up as well. The Crystal Palace, remember, was the great Pavilion erected for the Royal Exhibition of 1851, which showcased Britain and its empire to the world. The Exhibition was originally held in Hyde Park, but was so popular that the Palace itself was moved to the region now known as Crystal Palace in 1854. It remained a major cultural attraction for decades, until the great fire that destroyed the palace in 1936. It was never rebuilt, but you can still see the place where it stood, and a number of the original stairways, that were not destroyed during the fire. And boy, it was big.
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More random World Cup musings

First, England should have gotten that goal. Why the Uruguayan referee didn’t see it will be a subject of heated discussion in England for some time.

Second, it wouldn’t have mattered, really. Germany just tore through England in the second half, and while there was the occasional moment of hope (Lampard’s shot bouncing off the post), there was nothing sustained about the way England were playing. They were just a bunch of very highly paid footballers out there who were unable to adapt to more aggressive playing. And I say this in full appreciation of how England played against Slovenia to get to this round, which was very well. But Germany is a vastly superior team, as should now be clear. This was the form Germany displayed against Australia, which, based on today’s performance, could have given England a good run. So I’m looking for Germany to do well from here on out. Could Germany go all the way? They’re disciplined, they don’t incur unnecessary fouls, they don’t take cheap shots (hey Spain, are you listening?), and they’re young, so they can run like hell, as they did against an increasingly tired looking England side. Granted, England is one of the older teams in the tournament–but that should mean they have the necessary experience to deal with a young attacking team. They didn’t.
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ArtSunday: Let the musicians die

Every once in awhile I come across unrelated stories that somehow associate themselves in my mind. Take these, for instance:

First, I hope you saw Lex’s tribute to Starchild (given name, Gary Shider), he of P-Funk fame. As Lex notes, Shider experienced problems where the cost of fighting the cancer that killed him was concerned.

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