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RIP Starchild

We Funkateers are in mourning. Starchild (Gary Shider) has returned to the Mothership. Just 56 and unable to pay for cancer treatments, so this could be used as an opportunity to decry America’s shitty health care system. Never mind that. Glenn’s gone, Eddie’s gone, and now Gary’s gone too. The founding fathers of One Nation Under a Groove have – all too early – met the sweet chariot swinging down to take their ride. Sad, but funk is both a joyfull process and its own reward. RIP, Starchild. And for the rest of us here’s a clip of the man doing his thing.

Hit the jump for a few selections off Glenn sending Gary off…

Let’s hope that there’s nothin but funkin around for fun in the afterlife:

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  1. I didn’t know that he was unable to pay for his treatments. You would have thought with all the royalities he made from P-Funk, he wouldn’t have it so hard.