Random uninformed World Cup musings

Economists tell us that watching the World Cup will cost the UK about £4 billion in lost productivity. This seems a bit high, frankly, but the numbers on this range all over the place. Whatever, it will be a lot, and if you extrapolate that on a global basis, it’s a whole lot more. I’m gainfully doing my part. Earlier, for example, the all-consuming Honduras/Chile match was on at work, and it got some attention. And Chile eked one out, 1-0. But Honduras looked pretty scrappy. Football is football, and World Cup football is about as fun, and as good, as it gets.
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Drive-by: San Francisco passes imbecilic cellphone radiation law

No, really, read it for yourself.

So, the largest global study detailing research into radiation and mobile phones plainly shows that there is no clear link between mobile phones and cancer.  The response from San Francisco is to ensure radiation labeling on phones.  Compare that with the science of cigarettes and cancer which has never been anything but unequivocal.

The Board of Supervisors approved the ordinance, believed to be the first of its kind in the United States, despite opposition from the cell phone industry which argued that it could impede sales and mislead consumers into believing some phones are safer than others.

And this will be both misleading and confusing.  Most countries have regulators that only allow phones that meet certain safety requirements onto the market.  Your phone, somewhere in the fine-print, says “FCC approved.”  So, except for illegally distributed phones, all US phones meet current safety standards.  Continue reading