S&R Exclusive: Obama finds his Hypocratic voice on BP

Just not meDuring the course of 2009 and 2010, Toyota recalled over 9 million of its vehicles due to production-related faults.  An alleged 37 people have died due to these faults since 2000.  However, Toyota is only part of an industry that recalled 16.4 million vehicles in 2009 alone.

US President Obama remained mute.

During the course of 2008, the US financial system collapsed requiring massive bailouts directed at individual companies and state-agencies to the amount of $356 billion.  $169 billion of the $245 billion paid to US banks has been repaid. $21 billion has been spent propping up US automakers since they are unable to make products anyone wishes to buy.  Bank and industry bosses paid themselves big bonuses while still on government-life-support.

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