So how’s that coalition thingamajig workin’ out for ya, Britain?

Well, we’ve had, let’s see, a month of the now-old-hat Conservative/Lib Dem coalition, and the sky hasn’t fallen yet. I guess it still might, but then again, it might snow in London today too. The odds are probably similar. To date, I would have to say it’s been a bit smoother than most prognosticators thought it would be, somewhat to the dismay of the Tory right and the Lib Dem left. Now, personally, I would also have to say that I would put myself on the Lib Dem left end of things. But I’m not particularly unhappy. This is, I suspect, because (1) both Cameron and Clegg are turning out to be much smarter than anyone gave them credit for, and (2) while I expect I’ll be unhappy with some aspects of the final product, they pretty much seem to be doing the right things, and in the right order

Like what? Well, for a starter, rolling back some of the more egregious Labour violations of civil liberties, both potential and actual, including national id cards. Making some sensible environmental decisions, like cancelling the third Heathrow runway (BAA has also cancelled the Stanstead third runway proposal as well.) Pretty aggressively moving on a proposal that would dramatically change the composition of Parliament, and how MPs are elected, if passed and approved by the voters. Reducing some of the extraordinarily bloated government departments stocked by Labour when in power. Getting rid of a bunch of probably useless Quangos. And most importantly, trying to get to grips with the burgeoning UK deficit.
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