Random tennis musings

So I watched Rafael Nadal dispatch Robin Soderling in the French Open final this afternoon. It was a bit one-sided, sadly. Soderling beat Nadal last year, and can play better—after all, he knocked Roger Federer out in the quarter finals pretty handily. But his first serves just weren’t working today, sadly, and Nadal was about as good as he can get, which is good indeed. So Nadal has now won this tournament five times—if he wins again, he’ll match Bjorn Borg’s record six titles here. This is clearly Nadal’s tournament—he hasn’t won anywhere else with anything like the regularity with which he wins here. He didn’t drop a set the whole tournament.
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Mr. Jefferson's library: "a necessity of life"

Part three in a series

“I cannot live without books,” Thomas Jefferson wrote to John Adams in June of 1815. The former president had just packed his personal library—some 6,700 volumes—into a wagon train and shipped it north to the nation’s capital. He’d sold the collection to Congress for $23,950 to replace the collection burned by the British during the War of 1812.

His collection was, Jefferson rightly believed, “the choicest collection of books in the United States.”

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Great moments in the history of traditional family values: Rush Limbaugh weds, Elton John sings for his supper

So, Rush Limbaugh just got married. Congrats, Rush – we wish you well.

We wanted to note this momentous occasion because, as you know, Rush is a big proponent of family values, and few things say family like walking down the aisle and publicly expressing your lifelong commitment to the person of the opposite gender that you love.

Especially when you’re so committed to traditional values that you do it four times. Wow.

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