Happy Dead Duck Day

What, you don’t celebrate the holiday? Then you obviously have not interned at the Natuurhistorisch Museum in Rotterdam in the last 15 years. Now i know enough that when a Korean who brings a cake to a Christmas party and logically enough asks, “What do you sing when you light the candles on the Christmas cake?” (all Korean cakes come with candles) You say, “We sing Happy Birthday to Jesus!” But i’m not exactly sure how to celebrate Dead Duck Day.

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The Nanjing Adventure

Part eight in a series

Folks who know me well know I love a good adventure.

On my ninth day in China, I embark on what might be my boldest adventure ever.

At 6:00 a.m., my daughter and I get into a cab, ride to the airport, and fly to the city of Nanjing for the day—just the two of us, flying into the interior of a country where we don’t know the language, we don’t know any people, and we don’t even know specifically where we’re going. Continue reading