Gusher livecam redux

So I’m watching a lot happen on the BP ROV monitor, with several things that look vaguely like R2D2 floating around, lots of lights that look as if they’re in the sky, many cables that look as if they’re stretching out into infinity, and strange looking contraptions giving each other the occasional whack. It definitely has a scifi feel to it. I couldn’t possibly tell you if it’s even live, but it sure looks interesting. Of course, I have no idea if Crap Shoot, as Greenboy referred to it (credit where credit is due, and that sounds about right, frankly), has the remotest likelihood of working. Let’s hope.

Whoa, here comes something really large. This could be it. But how would I know? Maybe there’s something even bigger coming along next. They seem to be cleaning it off now, or something.

I assume Monkeyfister will be providing entertaining commentary over the course of this, as will the thousands commenting here, here, and here.

And this is what they’re hoping to accomplish.

Update: Hank Stuever over at The Washington Post provides us with a TV Review of the gusher.

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