What's It Wednesday

What's It Wednesday

by Djerrid

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  1. I agree with Josh…it IS a tooth. How much does the tooth fairy deliver these days for one of those? My niece got $5 for her first one!

  2. I do believe that is a baby tooth, more precisely an upper right incisor. Recently evicted from its home in the mouth of a certain 5 year old girl.

    Am I close?

  3. Sorry Sam, she promised to split the prize money with me.

    So, yup. Josh got it first. This shot was taken minutes after it was yanked from the jaw of a five-year-old. (Oh, the things I do for this blog.)

  4. Excuse me, but she’s 5 AND A HALF. Big difference.

    And there was no “ow” about it. Child spent half an hour in bed not-sleeping while trying to pull it out.

    (Leticia: $2 for the first one, in funky coins (sacagawea dollars, half dollars, etc.) $1 each for the rest of them.)