Bring the World Cup back to America

The 2010 World Cup begins on June 11 in Johannesburg, with host South Africa playing Mexico. The following day the US kicks off its campaign against mighty England. This is going to be an exciting tournament, and if the US plays to its capabilities it should advance out of group play.

A lot of folks are already look past this year’s Cup, though, and are lobbying to bring either the 2018 or 2022 tournament to the US. You have to like our chances. When we hosted the 1994 tournament, the US smashed all World Cup attendance records, and since then our facilities and the sophistication of our various soccer organizations have done nothing but improve.

Enjoy the Cup. Support the Yanks. Visit the Go USA Bid site and sign the petition.

Did I mention Go US?

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  1. Sorry–but given the treatment that people with other-than-white skin regularly receive trying to enter the US, something that has been going on for nearly a decade now, the odds of the US ever getting something like the World Cup are so long you can’t even see them. Actually, pretty much everyone I know here, white or non-white, has some horror story about US immigration. You’ll notice that the US didn’t get the Olympics award last year. And you can be sure that the Olympics committee was well aware of this problem when they made their decision. Americans seem blithely unaware of this, but the rest of the world really is losing interest in dealing with the hassle. The World Cup is not going to go to a country where the majority of visitors are likely to fit the target profiling of the Department of Homeland Security. The only way the US will get the World Cup is if there is a major transformation of the attitude of US immigration officials to visitors. I’m not holding my breath.

  2. I wasn’t going to call anyone an arsehole, but i was going to point out that we’d have a better chance of getting the World Cup if we called the game by its proper name.

    Wuf makes a good point too. And i can’t blame them.

  3. We should also bear in mind that male soccer players, in the aggregate, are 77.4% hotter than the male players of any other team sport, and any agency, law or prejudice which prevents their immediate and frequent visits to the United States is simply evil. EVIL.