What's It Wednesday

by Djerrid

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  1. railroad track. (edit) i take that back, it looks too small and isn’t flanged on both sides. Still, it’s my best guess.

  2. The top of a sign post, somewhere in southwest detroit. you can tell because of the hemp growing in the background.

  3. What Sean said. Looks like really old rebar. And yet, the shadows of the plants (below?) seem wrong. And there are no standard holes in the rebar. A mile marker by the side of the road as viewed from above?

    What I hate worst about “What’s It Wednesday” is that I can’t regurgitate a quick answer and move on. I am FORCED to stop and study an image and really contemplate it. Oh, Scholars and Rogues! The nerve of you to rip me from my high speed digital existence! Lo, how you cause me this excruciating virtual massive deceleration trauma! Quick! Someone fetch me a lawyer and some guns and … oh wait … Farmville!

  4. There is a site somewhere inside Krasnoyarsk Krai (its exact location is unknown to all but a few…including, it seems, Djerrid or one of his contacts) that is believed to be the location of “first contact” betweem extra terrestrials with a group of Siberian villagers that would eventually form the backbone of the Northern Russian Chapter of the TI.

    As you all know, the so called “Tunguska event” also occurred within this “federal subject” of Russia. Many theories have been put forth as to what caused the event, ranging from meteoroids and comets to black holes and antimatter. There is even some speculation that this may have been the crash site of an alien spacecraft. Two of these theories actually come close to the mark.

    While this wasn’t the actual crash site, this was where some of the research was being conducted on the spacecraft materials. It was only a small probe, not meant to support life. And given that it was only the early 1900s and the NRC hadn’t really gone much beyond basic alchemy, there were no high tech facilities to speak of. However, they seemed to be making headway. So much so that, somehow, Grigori Efimovich Rasputin got word of their studies.

    Rather than let Rasputin get a hold of the fruits of their research, the NRC elders decided to contact the ETs, the Oneuri (little is known of them except they are reclusive and known explorers. Some say they are not even a distinct race, given the various attributes ascribed to them across the universe. Rather, some suggest, they are a collection of like-minded adventurers). Once contact was made, the NRC were given simple instructions. “Leave the site. You have 2 days.”

    Two days later, the Event occurred. Current TI theory is that the Oneuri sent in a “meteor.” But at the core of the meteor, there was a tiny black hole. When the meteor hit the atmosphere and broke up, the containment for the black hole failed (presumably, as intended), and the entire site was destroyed. The black hole evaporated before it hit the ground. All that was left was the piece of metal in Djerrid’s picture. The flakes on the metal are due to the massive gravitational pressure compressing the pieces of the original probe.

    The piece of metal was taken back to the site of first contact and left there as a reminder. Even though it looks rusted and weatherworn, the piece of metal hasn’t changed at all in the last 100 years. No one really knows why the Oneuri (if it was indeed them) didn’t want Rasputin to find the research.

  5. Where do you think they landed? Time square? It’s out in the middle of freakin’ no where. There is literally nothing there to mark the site to anyone who didn’t know what they were looking for. Just a spike of metal sticking out of the ground. The weeds are just that, weeds.

    Of course, some of them DO seem to be undergoing a higher rate of mutation than expected. Hmmmm.

  6. Steely Dan is this week’s winner since he first got the object, although not the location. Here’s a better look at that signpost:

    It was taken on one of the beaches of Southampton, NY, where the sands and salts have weathered it down to rust. Here are a few other shots I took that day for this post…



    More fence:



    Oh, and Steely Dan, are you touring again this summer?