Knockers: the ethics of cleavage

By Ann Ivins

If you’re a woman in a Western or Westernized culture in the twenty-first century, chances are good that you have, do or will own, wear, struggle to get into and on occasion hasten to get out of a garment called a brassiere. A bra. A couple of  fabric cups and some elastic which contain, shape and redistribute the weight of two masses of mammary tissue… while also bearing the burden of more than a hundred years of cultural, medical and political debate and opinion. Just off the top of my head here, a bra:

  • is an essential device to support, train and protect fragile breast tissue while slowing or preventing their eventual droop earthward;
  • is a cancer-causing, lymph-node-squishing, shoulder-aching contraption which has no effect on the actual shape or condition of the breast; Continue reading

UK election update: Six days to go, but who's counting?

One of these men will be the next Prime Minister of the UK

We had the last debate yesterday, and according to the pollsters, Cameron won. Whatever that means. Well, we know what it means—more people who were polled thought he won than either Brown or Clegg, although one poll had Cameron and Clegg tied. The important thing is that Brown did nothing to re-establish his status as a serious candidate after his soon-to-become-if-isn’t-already-famous encounter with Gillian Duffy, a lifelong Labour supporter, grandmother, widow, and caregiver to disabled children, whom Brown referred to as a “bigoted woman” because of her concerns about immigration. Continue reading