More sloppy thinking about secession

Chris Hedges, normally a pretty bright guy, has a puff piece about some nice, thoughtful secessionists over at Truthdig. As always, the comments are entertainment enough in their own right, and are worth a look (although only one commentator seems familiar with the data from the Tax Foundation, which even Hedges doesn’t cite). Like other secessionist pieces we have commented on in the past, there’s an air of unreality here, as if we’ve fallen into some parallel universe where actions don’t have consequences. It’s an interesting piece nonetheless, because it’s unusual among this kind of reporting to actually engage in some of the logical, indeed, unarguable, rationales for secession. But it’s the wrong solution for the problem that the intellectual secessionists like Thomas Naylor and Kirpatrick Sale want to address. And it turns into an attempt to give an intellectual veneer to a very ugly phenomenon, although I suspect that was not Hedges’ intention.
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America through tea-colored glasses

by Djerrid

The Tea Party was right. Long have they railed against government intrusion of our most basic liberties. They warned us all of the threat of legislative overreach infringing on fundamental rights of Americans. Little did we know how quickly we would morph into the USSR, where the KGB could stop people at any time and ask to see their papers. And those who fail to comply or don’t have the proper forms were thrown in jail. This isn’t some dystopian fantasy; this is Arizona.

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A proper period of mourning

by Terry Hargrove

It is three weeks later.

I have read articles that explained how many people who lost their jobs experienced a period of great excitement. The world is open and awash in possibilities. They can go anywhere and do anything! What a great opportunity, the chance to start over. Back to school, change careers, become the cowboy you always wanted to be!

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