What's It Wednesday

What's it Wednesday?

by Djerrid

Let’s try something new this week. And as an added incentive, I’ll mail out to the first one who answers correctly a genuine US minted penny.


And here is one more clue to tie it all together:

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  1. Let’s see. Black & Gold are the predominant colors, except for that first picture…which is probably either a computer or a heater/air conditioner controller. Hmmm.

    I got it. Simple. Somali Pirates are stealing heaters. They don’t care about the penguins dying because of melting ice caps or New Orleans flooding because of rising ocean levels or all the bees disappearing because of rising global temperatures, either. It’s just a business decision. More ocean = more places for piracy. And there’s not a damned thing those capitalist Yankees can do about it.

    Either that, or it’s steroids.

  2. Is it a rebus of some kind? Is the first word “honor?” Something about emperors (the penguin), saints (the football team), no idea what the Yankees picture is about (victory?)… and the last picture is a queen bee.

  3. I think the letter P, as well, but not sure how the baseball picture comes into play. Unless one of the players is a pitcher.

  4. Random clue: If this was posted a couple of months later, the third picture down would have a good chance of changing.

  5. So… power, pirates, pittsburgh penguins, pass, lots-of-baseball-players-jumping-up, bee?

  6. Wii =We
    ARRR = are
    champions (all big sports team winners)
    Queen – bee

    At least as I see things… 🙂

    • Oh, that’s a Wii. Okay. And I got thrown by the ARRRR, because with the other sports stuff there I thought that must be a Pittsburgh Pirates reference (the next image is the Pittsburgh Penguins), and the Pirates are as close to being champions as I am to being a founding member of Abba.

  7. dawn is correct and this week’s winner. All of the sports pics are the current title holders of Champion since they have won the championship game or series of their respective sports during the past year. Regarding my clue: The Pittsburgh Penguins are currently in the playoffs and have a good chance of losing their title within the next couple of months.

    dawn: email me your address to djerrid at my gmail.com account and I’ll put your well earned copper in the mail.

  8. I was actually beginning to wonder if members of all those sports teams suddenly came outta the closet, announcing they were queens, but I couldn’t get the Wii part. Oh, maybe We Arrr Queens? 🙂

  9. I actually like your first explanation best. I’ve got a lot of weird looks here in the office trying to stifle my laughter.

  10. Ha! View Image Info belongs to the people now! Your tyrannical rule begins to crumble, Ubertramp…