Election Update–Strange Days in Britain

The UK election has been transformed into something very interesting—indeed, radically different—as a result of this past week’s televised debate between David Cameron (Conservatives), Gordon Brown (Labour) and Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrats). It needs to be said that this was the first televised debate between party leaders in a British election, and it’s another example of increased American political influence here. The whole thing was pushed by David Cameron and the media, who thought it was a great concept because the Americans have been using them for fifty years, and look how well that turned out. Anyway, it is true that Cameron was the most aggressive in pushing this concept, and it’s also true that Cameron now is probably regretting this hugely. Because Clegg emerged so much the clear winner in the debate that it has totally changed the complexion of the race, to the surprise of absolutely everyone, probably including Clegg himself. (In the picture above, it’s Clegg, Cameron and Brown from left to right, on one of the weirdest looking sets ever. Let’s not use this one again, ok?)
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