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It was three years ago today: happy birthday S&R

Three years ago today Scholars & Rogues launched with two posts: Whythawk weighed in with a thoughtful critique of corporate charity and I reported on Joe Wilson’s speech at the Conference on World Affairs (Joe is Mr. Valerie Plame, by the way), where he said that “Fred Thompson is a member of the treason faction of the Republican Party.”

The other thing that happened that day, and the one that most people remember more vividly, was in Blacksburg, VA, where Seung-Hui Cho, killed 32 people and wounded many more. Whythawk, Dr. Denny, Robert Silvey, Jim Booth and I had comments on that tragedy over the next few days. In addition, we also heard from other members of the original staff on a variety of issues – Brian Angliss, Mike Sheehan, Rori Black and Martin Bosworth helped make clear that while we were new to the blog scene and relatively unknown to most in the alternative media community, we took very seriously our mission to think deeply and unconventionally about the issues confronting a world that seemed to be imploding on all fronts.

As I write this, we have almost exactly 3,300 posts published or scheduled for the coming days. Some have been nothing short of brilliant in the insight they’ve brought to our consideration of the issues of the moment, and others (mostly mine, I fear) have leaned far more heavily into the “rogue” than the “scholar.” Even in those cases, though, we’ve worked to spark independent thought on the part of the reader.

We’ve seen over 27,000 comments, many of them every bit as thoughtful and informed as the original posts. Of course, any online pub of a certain size is going to attract the occasional troll or dingbat, and the truth is that in a society like ours, if what you’re saying isn’t upsetting somebody then you’re doing it wrong.

I’d like to thank those who have contributed to S&R over the past three years, from our current staff to those who had their say and moved on to our guest authors to our commenters. Also, a special thanks to those who read regularly but choose not to comment. We know what our numbers are, and as a result we know there are a lot of you. We appreciate your time.

With luck we’ll only get stronger. We have some big plans for the coming year that we think will expand and improve S&R in ways that our audience will value. We’ll keep you posted, and we welcome your feedback.

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  1. Wait. I was supposed to be WRITING this stuff? I thought it was just about the pretty pictures.

    Seriously, congrats to everyone evolved. I’m proud to be just a small part of it.