What's It Wednesday

What's it Wednesday?

by Djerrid

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    • Josh got my guess. Specifically, it looks like one of those damned useless piece of crap trays like the ones I bought at Target a couple of months ago.

  1. Dr- I think that’s how I recognized it, actually. I have the same useless piece of crap ice trays.

  2. Leave it to you guys to miss the obvious. Yes, the clear/white stuff is ice. But that’s no ice tray. Take a look at this picture. It was taken at the US Navy’s Applied Physics Lab Ice Station camp in the Arctic Ocean.


    See the blue trash can in the middle right hand side of the page? Look familiar? Notice how it’s the same shade of blue as the blue in this picture Djerrid posted? Need I say more? Clearly, Brian’s on another field trip.

    The REAL question is, what’s IN the trash can? And why is the ice pulling away from the blue plastic like that? I can’t tell, but I have a couple of guesses. It might have something to do with the nuclear submarine you need to get there.


    Or, it has something to do with the low frequency sound waves.


    Your guess is as good as mine. Makes you think, though, don’t it?

  3. Yup, you all guessed it, with Josh on the first reply. (Except for Ubertramp, who, as always, goes above and beyond the call of duty.)

    Ok, that’s the second easy one in a row. Time to mix it up a little bit.