This is not about Tiger Woods. It's about Billy Payne. And Augusta National. And sexism. And racism.

You may have caught the story last week. Augusta National Chairman Billy Payne stomped the balls off Tiger Woods for … well, if you need to be told what for, then you probably don’t know who Tiger Woods is in the first place. Or Billy Payne. And you probably don’t know what the Master’s is, or where Augusta is, and you may not even have heard of “golf.” So you can safely skip ahead to the next article.

Are Billy’s remarks about Tiger true? Maybe. Probably. Are they in-bounds, given what Augusta is? Sure – why not? Continue reading

Save your Dixie cups so we can pour more gasoline on the fire

You know, I try to keep my blogging on absolute stupidity to a minimum—there are other people, on this site and others, who do a better job, and I don’t have the time anyway. There’s just too much stupidity out there—I’d never get any work done. But when the Governor of Virginia and the Governor of Mississippi both state pretty unequivocally that slavery wasn’t such a big deal with reference to the Civil War—well, how can I resist?

First up, Republican Governor Bob McDonnell of Virginia, who has issued a proclamation celebrating something called Confederate History Month. Well, that might not be so bad—all those Civil War buffs who like to recreate various battles on those old battlefields probably want some sort of official validation, or something. But he managed to leave out that anti-slavery language that one of his predecessors had inserted, on the grounds that slavery wasn’t one of the issues that was “most significant for Virginia.” Like one of his predecessors, the always stimulating George Allen, McDonnell’s proclamation refers to the Civil War as “a four-year struggle for [Southern] independence and sovereign rights.” Continue reading