Why we should scratch Peter Gabriel's back

Scratch My BackThe O2 squats on the banks of the Thames on the Greenwich peninsula in south east London. Within it is the 23,000 seater O2 Arena. On 28 March it was not full.

It should have been.

“It has become normal to break apart albums and perform individual songs. Tonight we are going to reverse that.” And, with that, Peter Gabriel performed his entire new album, each song in its album order and without pause. Continue reading

S&R enters "bipartisanship partnership" with The Drudge Report

As anyone who remembers The 5th Estate, which was the Scholars & Rogues precursor, will recall, this community is founded on a strong sense of bipartisanship and the belief that much can be accomplished when the neo-conservative and staunch liberal talk honestly across the table.

We’ve gotten away from this ideal over the past couple of years, but we’ve taken note of the bipartisan successes driven by President Obama since he took office. So today we’re pleased to announce that S&R has entered into a strategic agreement with The Drudge Report, a site that literally defined the conservative alternative news industry when it was launched in 1996. Continue reading

What's it Thursday?

by Djerrid

Hi everyone! Sorry for posting two days early last week. Now back to your regularly scheduled program.