iPhone art: Jellyfish

by mentalswitch

As with most or all of my recent posts, shot and edited completely on my phone.  Gotta love technology!

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  1. Very cool picture!

    From pictures I’ve seen taken with phones compared to those taken by regular digital cameras (well like my cheap $140.00 one), the phones seem to take clearer, more defined pictures. IMO

  2. I use a wide variety of tools, this was shot ‘as-is’ via the Hipstamatic application. There are only two downsides to Hipstamatic; one is the resolution is kinda small and the other is that it doesn’t save originals, only pics like what you see. I also like Vihgo, TiltShiftGen and CinemaFX as my primary apps.

  3. Yeah, not something I have, or will in this life. I really like the effect though. It looks like a Polaroid transfer print. I miss the old technology.