Nota Bene #109: You Can't Tuna Fish

“It’s absolutely stunning to me, the contempt in which the network holds the audience. The idea that these people have standards is laughable.” Who said it? The answer is at the end of this post. Now on to the links! … “Ida is the most strikingly preserved early primate fossil ever discovered” … “This fear has so infected our politics, our economics and our international relations that as a nation we are losing sight of the electrifying potential we caught a glimpse of with the election of Barack Obama” … “The story resonated with my long-time desire to create a children’s book, and I gladly accepted the assignment” … “One of the the solar system’s most enigmatic moons had a visitor last week” … “Get your damn children immunized, and may the force be with you” … “Seven City Council members won’t take voluntary pay cuts as Los Angeles plunges into economic Armageddon” … “Banks ‘are content doing the bare minimum, and it can be like pulling teeth to get them to even check on the status of a loan modification application'” … “There was little fanfare around the country for an event many Iraqis first viewed with hope only to see it sour into sorrow and anger as the invasion unleashed rampant sectarian violence” … “After scrambling over the roof of the beloved concrete behemoth, you find yourself in front of a natural wonder of the world” … “Joining a Cube is as simple as it is important” … “Effectively, what UMG is doing is giving consumers the expectation that albums should cost even less than $9.99” … “It’s also possible that his early performance has actually been overly parsed and under-appreciated” … “Reaching the top of the hill we gasp from something other than shortness of breath, for before us lies one of the most startling geological features in Australia” … “You have more of your memories stored online than all of your ancestors ever left behind” … “As an alternative to toxic pesticides, scientists have created ‘super-sexed’ sterilized male leafhoppers to knock bug boots with females in the wild” … “I’ve never seen a locker room this distraught” … “Some researchers believe that peering is changing the fundamental shape of the Internet, with serious consequences for its stability and security” … “An Altoid is one thing, but a mango hummer is just goddamned silly” … “They put Hollyweird’s current fave Zoe Saldana on the front of their upcoming issue and have the nerve to act like they’re not guilty of the same shizz she’s talking about in the interview” … “So, besides prison, a heart attack, and quintuple bypass surgery, Gary is doing all right” … “If we manage to decipher this language, a new world is opened to us” … “Nobody needs to be known as Mr. Doody or Ms. Porn” … “Hang on—what the ??? is that, down on the valley floor?” … “Those CPR dummies are horrifying” … “Did you see the huge march this weekend in DC?” … “NumbersUSA is trying to allege that it was the mimes who were at fault, with their ‘constant efforts at crushing physical intimidation‘” … “Observers have been looking for evidence of the Milky Way’s fits of cannibalism” … “I’m sure I don’t have to tell many black men this, but when a girl says ‘kiss me, I’m Irish’ she’s not talking to you, bro” … “The outlook for the bluefin tuna is not good” … “WikiLeaks has become a thorn in the side of governments and private corporations” … “Intriguingly, retired general Lyles was the strongest advocate of international cooperation, and the strongest opponent of using space as an instrument of national competition” … “There’s reason yet to carry on, to rage and to rabblerouse, and to laugh heartily when not brooding darkly” … “Cocteau Twins fans in all the corners of our wide world have been connected by the love of this woman, and deep friendships formed as a result of these pages” … “It’s too early to do much but cry about our loss right now, but he’ll be missed, and missed more as the ages pass and his myth continues to expand—that music isn’t going anywhere” … “Women do not have to worry about so much about the quality of their offspring—and so are picking more feminine-looking men” … “I can’t even describe how good it feels to hold it in my hand” … This issue’s quote was from Bill Hicks … And finally, “Stop what you’re doing and watch the hell out of this“. ∞

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