What's It Wednesday

What's It Wednesday

by Djerrid

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  1. Rendering/image of Epcot Center.

    Either that or a close up of an alien egg in which case Ubertramp may give us some insight.

    • Well, “alien egg” narrows it down to all eggs in the universe except for Earth. Hopefully he’d be a tad more specific than that.

  2. Egg schmegg. No, this isn’t an egg, alien or otherwise. Fikshun had the closest guess. It’s actually a cross dimensional parasite. It’s scientific designation is TS4(untranslatable)-97, but most people call it “timedust.”

    You may have noticed that this was posted a day early. I suspect that Djerrid has been infected. This would explain the pictures from a few weeks ago where he was in the final stages of removing his full hazmat gear.

    And one of the problems with timedust is that when the host gets too close to a gravity spike, individual particles realign (like magnetobacteria near magnetic poles) and local spacetime sometimes bends, even looping. Luckily, Dejerrid was only shifted about a day and, I hope, it was temporary. We’ll just have to wait and see.

    The parasite itself is actually silicon based in its 4D form, hence its crystalline structure. The 5 and 6D components are impossible to describe, much like the color red is impossible to describe to a blind person. But the symmetry is necessary to generate stable spacetime vortices. These parasites are known to inhabit warp drive cores and black holes, feeding off spacetime turbulence itself. The vortices are sort of the “mouths” of the parasite communities. Although it has never been proven, some theoretical physicists believe that they are somehow linked to the final 3% of “black matter” that still hasn’t been accounted for in some off-Terra TOE models.

    The TI uses this stuff in some of its more theoretical research. It’s sort of a “high-tech” peyote. Away from significant curvature in spacetime, the parasites become inert, easily broken up into triangle shaped dust particles. Although the particles cannot generate the spacetime vortices mentioned above, they still retain a bit of residual curvature. This results in a sort of spacetime “foam” that is known to impact sensory-neuro function in some species. In short, when taken in small doses (usually inhaled, with humans at least, but sometimes applied as a topical gel to the so called “third eye”), it can generate some rather unique hallucinations.

    Or so I’m told.

  3. If Dr. Slammy were a box of cereal, methinks he’d have a new sticker today that reads “Now with 20% more SNARK!”

  4. Well… when a Walt Disney loves a Minnie Mouse, he kisses her, they do some heavy petting, he undresses and erases her clothes, he sticks his might mouse into her minnie, and 9 months later you get a new theme park. That said, I have no idea what the picture is.

  5. It just looks like a geodesic dome; whether it’s Epcot or something else, don’t know.

  6. As for this being the surface of Ubertramp’s brain, I don’t know–I would expect it to be a lot more, well, irregular. This is too organized.

  7. Are you waiting for a more specific answer than Epcot?

    How this: a drawing of Spaceship Earth’s Alucobond tiles close-up.

  8. Chris had it first. I was standing almost underneath the Spaceship Earth dome in Epcot waiting to get on when I took this with my cheap camera phone. I’m surprised how well it came out. Thanks to Sam for putting it up. And yes, I just came back from vacation so that’s why it took so long to respond.

  9. I did look at a picture to compare based on epcot schmepcot’s answer, but while similar it didn’t look exactly like it, to me…the tetrahedrals? seemed to be different. Also, the picture here looked like a painting lol.