What's It Wednesday

What's it Wednesday?

by Djerrid

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  1. Just FYI, I’ve been loving these WIIW photos you’d been posting. Great stuff.

  2. Thanks cwmackowski, but flattery will get you nowhere. It will get you a hint, though.

    Even though I did shoot it from this perspective, it might be easier to discern if you looked at it upside-down.

  3. At first, I thought it was a misguided attempt at stopping the glaciers from melting by coating them with a thin layer of plastic. Then I thought it was a close up of a plastic grocery bag all crinkled up before being tossed into the trash.

    Then I realized it was a recently painted gravel road. Or, more likely, a recently painted rubberized track. Djerrid must be in training. My anonymous sources tell me that after he posted that picture of stolen sports equipment a few weeks ago, he was approached by the PR team highlighting this year’s Race.

    Based on his comments above, I suspect he is training, either riding a bike on the road or running around a track, and fell on his ass during a random gravity spike. From the perspective of lying on the ground nursing a skinned knee, he must have seen this line and decided to take the picture.

    Clearly, he has a cybernetic implant. One of his eyeballs has been replaced by a camera. I’d be careful hanging around him. You never know what he might “see.”

    • Tramp’s analysis seems plausible enough to me, but I have to say that I’m glad I no longer have to live on a planet with gravity spikes. I saw one of those things fall on a xorthnox one time (that’s a moose-like creature, only predatory) and it wasn’t pretty.

      Although, to be fair, xorthnoxen aren’t much to look at to start with. Still, you get my point.

  4. Holy crap. I didn’t think anyone else knew about xorthnoxen. One of those bastards ran me and my brother off the road in Winterpark one year while taking a break from snowboarding. I dove right into a snowbank to get away from it. Thing musta been 10 ft tall, at least. Scared the crap out of me.

    • Winter Park?! Sweet Jesus – how did those damned things get to Earth?

      Oh, this is bad. Very bad. Like in the Jurassic Park sequel when they brought a T Rex to the mainland.

      Let me call a guy I know. He hunts them on a couple of their native planets (seriously tough – he only uses caltrops and brass knucks). If they start breeding we’ll need a pro.

  5. Yeah. I suspect it was the Dolorians. Those guys are worse than a redneck version of a leprechaun, as if you didn’t know. They heard about Colorado’s jackalopes and just HAD to top it. I have little doubt that the last words they mumbled before prodding the critter off the ship were, “Hey, O’Bubba. Watch this!”

  6. Dolorians?!?! Yikes. Aren’t those the crazy bastards who snort entirely too much Plutonian Nyborg? That stuff will make your nose (or similarly functioning inhalatory orifice) fall off.

  7. Plutonian Nyborg?!?! Yup, you guessed it right fiksun. Those are the lumps of the uncut stuff bled straight from the Aneirstins’ mainline. What you are seeing is the white, flash-frozen clumps that is the first step in the processing protocol.

    But on this planet, it is more commonly known as acoustic or “popcorn” ceilings. There’s a bit of an optical illusion on this one because the top part of the picture is the foreground while the bottom is the background, which is why I suggested above to look at it upside-down.

    Hat tip to JS OBrien for getting it right.

  8. Soooo, you’ve started running on the ceiling? That’ll only make those gravity spikes even MORE dangerous, you know.

    And, fikshun, I don’t believe that was ever proven. 🙂 They may be jerkoffs, but they have great lawyers.