Latest Faillini epic is all hot air

Man, the wannabe auteurs behind Carly Failorina’s campaign are evidently as crazy as she hopes California voters are. Check this latest. What do you think – can we get Pink Floyd reunited for Animals II?

First she was one of the 20 worst CEOs of all time. Now she’s angling to be one of the 20 worst film producers of all time, too. Talk about versatility!

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  1. I am not a CA resident, but here is my simplistic take.

    In todays climate anyone (Dem or Rep) that has been on office 18 years is going to have a tough road. The link you provided on Carly Fiorina lists her shortcomings, and while they may in fact be true, Senator Boxer would be better served highlighting her own actual accomplishments during her time in the Senate.

    If any election gets drawn up into the battle of “lesser of two evils” the success of the campaign will be inversly proportional to their time already served in government.

  2. Is this the same narrator from the wolf in sheep clothing ad you showed a ways back?

  3. Bob has a good point, the danger is that the people looking to replace career politicians are likely to be no better…just different. It’s not as if most of the challengers will be rising up from the common population to represent the people. And as we can see, the same tired, bullshit throwaway lines of partisan politics will be employed. More importantly, the same corporate interests will be paying for the lines to be broadcast.

    This is a problem of tweaking the failing system rather than addressing the fundamental problems that face the system…and doing so with an incredibly narrow range of solution possibilities.

    As FZ said, “More trouble every day.”

  4. “She moved, she shaked” Shouldn’t have that said “shook”? Good to know the ‘pukes are still as eloquent and articulate as ever. Sheesh, what a load of crap. Yeah, Boxer is ” fiercely partisan”, while that ad is just honest and straightforward. Good god, the republicans hold their voters in such contempt, it really is ugly. They have gone so “all in” on ignorance and hate, the only thing keeping them alive is the fecklessness of the media in not calling them on it. Disgusting.