What's It Wednesday

What's it Wednesday?

by Djerrid

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  1. This is one of the boards I used to get beaten with as a child. I recognize the pattern from the way the bruises look. Where on earth did you find it? Mom. Dad. Is that you?

  2. I hear ya Slammy. I know what you mean. I much preferred the board to the wire brush because of the perforation issue and the difficulty of explaining the bloody seat of my pants to my teachers and friends. I think they wondered how clumsy and inattentive I had to be to sit on so many nails so often.

  3. Nah. At a Catholic school, I’d have driven the nails through my hands and feet.

  4. I see that Djerrid has been dumpster diving again. Either that, or Brian’s been “on assignment.”

    This is a slice from a core sample I’m assuming was found in NCAR’s trash. You can tell it was cut improperly by the crisscross pattern of lines in the stone. Clearly, the sample itself is pumice. Likely taken from Lipari in the Eolian Islands of Italy. I’m sure they were looking for CO2 captured in the pores or something equally insidious. The TI have long been attempting to shift fiscal policy through climate change policy, mostly in an attempt to launder funds. Since Italy is a major hub of TI activity, I can only imagine what they were trying to “prove” this time.

  5. I believe that is a piece of that semi-firm eco-friendly packing material some companies have started to use.