What's It Wednesday

What's it Wednesday

by Djerrid

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  1. A cut glass vase reflecting what may be a PAR lamp, perhaps with the shadow of the photog in it?

  2. a crazed glass light fixture as seen from the bottom with the light on, I can’t tell for sure but I thing the bulb is a compact florescent.

  3. looks oranic to me–some sort of cocoon? That does kind of look like wire, but it’s pretty irregular, and I can’t see much of a consistent pattern

  4. Note: I used the wrong term when I said “cut glass.” I don’t know the proper term, but its the sort of cracked glass look one finds fairly often.

  5. I think Rho may have it. The dark part below the light source looks like the base of a light fixture to me.

    But that part is easy. The question is WHICH lamp are we looking at. The Davidson County Youth Detention Facility has a lounge area where the rehabilitatees hang out and watch TV, but not much there has been updated since the late 1970s. As far as I know, you know. There’s a stand-lamp at the end of this one ugly ass brown leather couch – it’s one of those old-style ones with a little shelf thingee around the middle where you can put a TV Guide or your Schlitz. Or both.

    If you’ve had a few too many (which would require somebody sneaking something in when the counselors aren’t looking) and you’re kinda laying on that couch with your head at that end, you look up and this is that lamp, viewed from the bottom. When drunk.

    So now I’m not only wondering why Brandon has all these pictures from that part of Lexington, NC, but also where I can buy that drunk filter for my camera.

  6. Thanks for illuminating us visually, Djerrid. Now illuminate us as to what you photographed.

  7. It’s the cracked, decaying but impermeable shell of fear, rage and cowardice around the faint dying glow of someone’s once warm and vital soul.

    Or a lamp. Whatever.

  8. It’s a cracked glass candle holder, as seen from the bottom looking up. I think it’s probably been photographed through a glass shelf/table surface.

  9. There is a little known catacomb beneath the Notre Dame in Paris that is absolutely filled with countless, ancient scrolls. The catacomb is nearly impossible to detect because it is surrounded by a cleverly contained warp bubble. The scrolls are what is left of the ancient library of Alexandria (you didn’t think that actually burned, did you?). The image in the picture is that of one of the lamps in the room, slowly warping over time due to slight imperfections in the warp bubble.

    I’m guessing Djerrid actually stole this image from someone, not really knowing what he had. It probably involved someone in the DCYDF.

  10. Crap i missed this. Not looking at the other responses, I’d say it is the embryo of the Amazonian translucent tree frog.

  11. Ah, Ubertramp has spoken. Time to “illuminate”.

    Rho was right at the top. It’s a light fixture inside my house, shot looking up from the base with the compact florescent bulb turned on. The house was built a third of a century ago and I believe that is the original cracked-glass “shade”.