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  1. Thanks for the reminder. This is what happens to reporters that get too close to the darker factions within the TI. You may recall the series of e bola epidemics we heard about a few years ago. There are a few rumors out there that at least one of those was a cover up for a hidden TI facility. Nothing verifiable, of course.

    And I think that’s all I’ll say about that. You understand, I hope.

  2. Damnit, Ubertramp, I’ve told you to STFU about the TI! You know only the Cognescenti are permitted full working knowledge of it, let alone acknowledging its mere existence! Just for that, you forfeit your share of astro-pie.

  3. That thing on my head measures my resting metabolic rate. I’m currently volunteering for a study on how metabolism effects weight gain/loss. Here is how it is explained on the consent form:

    The energy (calories) you use while resting will be measured by indirect calorimetry. This measures the amount of oxygen you breathe in and the amount of carbon dioxide you breathe out. We will ask you to come to the CTRC after fasting (no food or drinks except water) for 12 hours. You will lie quietly on a hospital bed for about 30 minutes. Next, a clear plexiglass canopy will be placed over your head through which we can collect the air you breathe. This will take about 30 minutes, so the entire procedure will last about one hour.

    I’ll also do fun stuff like find my max VO2 level by riding a stationary bike with a tube stuck in my mouth, eat only specially prepared food for three days, have my body X-rayed to precisely measure my body fat, stay in a sealed, small room for 27 hours, etc. If there’s interest, I’ll journal the whole thing here.

    I’ll put some pics up soon.