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What's it Wednesday

by Djerrid

February, the tradition time of year to flake on one’s New Year’s resolutions. Let’s see if there’s a second wind.

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  1. You may remember Ubertramp’s premier Trans-Gal Cruiser, The Ellington. Obviously this is a close-up of the subducting heat flange that permits ionized particles to subdurate within the helix.

  2. That’s a good guess, Dr. D, and I admit that there ARE similarities. Especially the red metallic layer seen through the holes. That looks very much like the heat exchangers on board The Ellington. However, I’m not convinced that that’s what it is. Instead, I suspect that it is a simple pair of running shoes. Possibly New Balance. Obviously, Djerrid stumbled across a smuggling ring.

    As I’m sure you all know, there is a rather large group of Terran ex-pats living on Rategovance VIII. Gravity is about 1.25 Earth G and it is the site of what is known simply as The Race. It is basically a 10-15 day cross country challenge open to all races and lifeforms who can manage to make it to the starting line come race day. Think Eco Challenge x 1000. The race organizers pick two points at random somewhere on the planet, roughly 216 miles apart, the day before the race. That 216 miles has historical significance similar to our 26+ mile marathon. Participants are allowed one day (roughly 37.5 Earth hours) to design a course and gather supplies.

    As you might expect, human participants generally find it difficult to find equipment to fit their needs. Despite astronomical corporate sponsorship, Rat-VIII manufacturers can’t seem to manage to create a shoe for the human foot no matter how they try (of course, some human participants believe that this may have something to do with “home field advantage”). Therefore, there is a growing black market to bring in Terran shoes and other training equipment.

    If I recall correctly, the shoe in the image was one of the more popular items during the 13455-13456 RS season.

  3. The Davidson County Youth Detention Facility in Lexington, NC, works pretty hard to actually rehabilitate its residents, and as such there an assortment of vocational training programs. One of them involves arts and crafts (on the off chance that some of these young punks might be harboring, deep in their souls, a repressed artist – after all, artists are known for their bad behavior).

    I actually have seen this very work, which is entitled “Blottermelon.” It’s by a former detainee named Randy Wayne Cecil, who somehow or another came into possession of some acid and dropped it before class one day. He thought he was making a ceramic piece in the shape of his family dog, but when he finished everybody said it looked more like a watermelon than it did a Heinz 57.

    I still have no idea how Brandon is getting pictures of stuff from that part of the country.