What's It Wednesday

What's It Wednesday

by Djerrid

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  1. Oh, hell – this one is easy. That’s the chain link fence at the Davidson County Youth Detention Facility in Lexington, NC. I can’t tell for sure because of the light and the fact that the camera is pointing in an odd direction, but I think it’s on the south side of the yard facing the Ebenezer Baptist Church parking lot.

    There’s a great barbecue place about two blocks over and when the wind blows the right direction it’s just pure torture, especially if they’re still doing mystery meat Fridays in the cafeteria.

  2. I believe this is the old model of the Galactic Debris Sensor patented by Ubertramp for his initial voyage to the Martini Planet circling a class M4 planet in the constellation Puppis. You know, the planet he went to to finally get a date.

  3. If it were black and bigger, I’d say that it was a step at ski resort where you scrape your ski boots off and let the snow fall through the grate. One of the two layers of wire is clearly made in the same way, but the scale is wrong.

    Not sure on this one, but here’ my stab at it – a screen for going over an attic vent to keep bugs and critters out of the attic.

  4. Someone’s home improvement project, just before starting to stucco? …or making one of the kids from the local youth detention facility start stuccoing.

    • Lex may be onto something. A lot of times they make juvenile detainees re-stucco barbecue restaurants and churches, which are pretty much the only two kinds of buildings (other than youth detention facilities) in that part of Davidson County.

      What I want to know is what the hell djerrid was doing in North Carolina.

  5. Dr. D, I could get a date on Martini? Hell, I better look into that. It’s been a long, long, long dry spell, lemme tell ya. This intergalactic reporter gig ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

    But you’re all wrong. This is actually the temperature resistant fiber filament outer layer of an Ission K’nor fireboard. If you think the people that do extreme sports here on Earth are crazy, you have no idea. You’ve all heard of snowboarding, of course. These guys take it a step further. These guys think boarding on an active volcano is a viable form of entertainment. Believe it or not, they surf down lava flows.

    On top of that, the planet is so damned cold, the nitrogen in the atmosphere freezes, creating nitrogen snow. On one particular volcano, Ettin Ocktolti, the lava flows into a nitrogen glacier. These nut jobs ‘copter to the top of the volcano, jump out directly into a lava flow, and “surf” all the way down to the base. Some have even developed a sort of parachute to glide in the nitrogen steam at the lava-glacier interface. These rides can take up to an hour (Earth standard) at a time. Like I said, these guys are nuts.

    Anyway, their boards have to be able to withstand extreme changes in temperature. The filaments in the picture are but one layer in the boards used by the Izzies. As you might imagine, the boards can only be used once or twice before they have to be completely overhauled and rebuilt.

  6. Told you it was fire resistant. 🙂 That fireplace is probably in some Izzie lord’s home. He’s too old to fireboard, but this reminds him of his past adventures…